About the Event

What is Over The Edge
Over The Edge is an urban rappelling experience that benefits the great work of Youth For Christ in Tuscaloosa. On April 2nd, 2022 Tuscaloosa citizens and community leaders with absolutely no experience will rappel from The Tower at 2330 University Blvd. 

How you can rappel
The first 75 fundraisers that raise a minimum of $1,000 will earn a spot to go Over the Edge for Tuscaloosa teenagers. Why $1,000? Because that's the cost to provide 60 teenagers Christ-sharing mentors for a month. Register today.

Please note that your $100 registration fee does count towards your goal. These events do sell out so be sure to sign up early. 

Why are we doing this
Youth for Christ exists for teenagers far from God. 
We pursue middle school and high school aged teens who feel overlooked to build relationships at pivotal moments. We look for the student who sits alone in the cafeteria.  We hold the hand of a pregnant teenager worried about becoming a mom.  But we can’t do it alone, we need partners who will join us in our mission.  We need your help to serve even more students in 2022. 









On Target


Go OVER THE EDGE for Youth for Christ and the teenagers of Tuscaloosa on April 2, 2022!  

All edgers please join us for the Drop Party the night before to meet all the other brave "edgers", our sponsors and celebrity rappellers. 


THE TOWER at 2330 University Blvd Tuscaloosa


Who can rappel?

YOU! We are looking for those who want to take part in an extraordinary event that will impact the lives of our youth. The requirements are; you must weigh between 100 and 300 lbs and raise a minimum of $1,000 to rappel. That's right. You can be any age and no rappelling experience is necessary. 

Who are you rappelling for?

Youth for Christ is a Christian youth ministry with the mission of reaching overlooked students high school and middle school students with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We were involved in ministering to over 1,000 youth this past year. We engage each teen in a Christ-sharing relationship with the intent of connecting them to a local church. 

Check Out this Over The Edge video!

Fundraising tips

Create a Fundraising Plan. Follow this simple guide!   ·         Ask To Receive!  The #1 reason people give is because they are asked. Don?t be shy about asking for support. Try places where you spend money like hair salons, dry cleaners and restaurants.  -Beat the Average: Double...


Rappeller Incentives

Thank you for going Over The Edge for Tuscaloosa teenagers. We look forward to rewarding your efforts with the following incentives. $1,000+ Receive 1 rappel spot, a specialized t-shirt, and 2 tickets to the Drop Party $1,500 + Receive 1 rappel spot, a personalized video of your rappel, a...


What to expect on rappel day

What to Expect On Rappel Day How You Will Rappel? ·     You will be wearing a full-body industrial harness and using an industrial descender to go down. Squeezing a handle makes you go down, letting go (or pulling back) makes you stop. You can control your...


Toss Your Boss/Push Your Pastor

Have you ever wanted to tell you boss to go take a leap? Now is your chance. Toss Your Boss from the top of THE TOWER for a good cause. Gather your co-workers and raise $1,000 or more to send your boss Over The Edge.  Raise $2,500 or more more and give your boss the extreme experience. And we don't...