Fundraising tips

Create a Fundraising Plan. Follow this simple guide!

  ·         Ask To Receive!  The #1 reason people give is because they are asked. Don?t be shy about asking for support. Try places where you spend money like hair salons, dry cleaners and restaurants.

 -Beat the Average: Double the Average in a few Weeks!

Use this fun and easy plan to raise over half of your fundraising goal in only 6 weeks:

 When?                 Who To Ask?                                     Watch Your Total Grow!

 Week 1                Use your online personal page to sponsor yourself                                                     $200

Week 2                Ask 4 Family Members/Friends for $25 each                          $100

Week 3                Ask 2 Co-workers for $25 each                                                                                            $50

Week 4                Get 4 businesses you frequent to sponsor you for $100 each                                      $400

Week 5                Ask your Boss to support your efforts                                                                               $100

Week 6                Ask 6 more Family Members/Friends for $25 each                                                        $150

                                                                Your 6-Week Grand Total =   $1000

                                                             Helpful Hints

 ·         Always follow up!  Many people will need more than one request to donate and most will appreciate the reminder. Include fun facts and an update on how close you are to reaching your goal.

·         Send a thank you letter, note, or message to your donors. For your sponsors, consider including a crazy picture of you from the event so they remember you next year

Quick and Easy Ideas to Increase Your Fundraising Efforts

Add the event logo to your e-mail signature. You can also include a hyper-link to your personal fundraising website and encourage everyone to visit it and support your efforts.

·         Ask all of your supporters about the possibility of matching funds from their employers.

·         Social media is a great way to promote your fundraising and connect with people who you would normally not be in regular contact with. Always be sure to include a link to your personal fundraising website for anyone interested in or able to support you.