Hi friends!

On April 6th, I am going Over The Edge for Tuscaloosa teenagers.  What exactly does this mean? Myself along with 74 other brave (maybe crazy) people will be rappelling from the top of THE (140 foot) TOWER in downtown Tuscaloosa. 

And why would someone do this, you might be asking?  It’s not just for the view, but a much greater cause.  I firmly support the work Youth for Christ is doing for the youth of our community. This ministry faithfully serves over 15,000 middle and high school students in Tuscaloosa. We know how impressionable and tough those years can be. YFC makes a huge difference by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with these students and are present in the schools the whole year to help them have a relationship with Christ. They learn to trust YFC will be there to share in their struggles as well as their victories. It only takes one good influence to make a difference!

My goal is to raise $1,500 or more to provide Christ-sharing mentors to the youth of Tuscaloosa.  Would you please consider supporting me by making a generous donation to Youth For Christ and their work with our youth.  I believe passionately in their ministry and the youth of our community. 

And on April 6th, please come out to THE TOWER in downtown Tuscaloosa to join in the fun and raise funds and awareness for YFC. Thank you for your support!