Calvary Youth

Hi guys! Calvary Youth Staff here...

On April 6th, We are sending Branna Over The Edge for Tuscaloosa teenagers. 

What does this mean? Branna and 74 other brave (crazy?!) people will be rappelling from the top of The Tower in downtown Tuscaloosa. 

How tall is The Tower? 140 feet (yikes!)

Have we lost our minds? Maybe a little, but we hope Branna can survive! Best outcome is that she doesn't get sick on the way down!

Does Branna actually want to do that? We honestly can't tell, but then again, we didn't ask for her permission...

Why are we making her do this? Because it will be funny to watch, of course! But more than that, we love the work that Youth for Christ is doing for the youth of our community. This ministry faithfully serves over 15,000 middle and high school students in Tuscaloosa. We all know that those can be tough years. The encouragement and friendships these students gain from Youth for Christ leaders investing in their lives makes a huge difference! We love getting to partner with people who care about Youth as much as we do!

In all seriousness, this is a great event to support an even greater cause and we hope that you will all get behind us as we send (or push!!) Branna OVER THE EDGE!

Thank you so much for your support!

...and if you're in Tuscaloosa on April 6, 2019, please come cheer us on!

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